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Design & Development Portfolio:

Momentum Management

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Integrated, adminable news ticker


Momentum, Inc. was a small, but highly successful management consulting firm with a website that reflected more of the "small" than the "successful" part of their brand. In addition, what Momentum could actually do for potential clients wasn't always clearly evident by the multi-layered content found on their previous website.


The team at Sharp Innovations developed and entirely new website that works to help establish the Momentum brand while making it clear exactly what the firm has to offer. By focusing on the Momentum colors and logo features as core elements of the site design, along with the addition of visual reminders of Momentum's success as a company, the success and position of the Momentum brand in the consulting market is subtly but powerfully reinforced. In addition, the homepage animation features four simple messages that clearly communicate what Momentum has to offer, and an easily updatable news ticker allows the Momentum team to keep the site fresh and the brand messages reinforced by introducing new content right on the homepage at any time, day or night.

Categories:  Business to Business