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Design & Development Portfolio:

Carlisle Sports Emporium

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Fully responsive site design for mobile devices
  • Online booking integration
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)


If you've been to the Carlisle Sports Emporium, you already know how much fun and excitement their facility offers. But capturing and communicating the thrills of CSE's adrenaline-fueled activities on a website would take a mix of high-impact creative, engaging content and intuitive interactive elements.


While Carlisle Sports Emporium offers an expansive combination of activities, translating the energy of these varied elements to a website required a special focus on impactful design that the team at Sharp Innovations spent many hours refining. In addition, the content, imagery and other elements had to be focused on engaging site visitors, while search engine optimization (SEO) efforts were undertaken to attract visitors who might not otherwise have been familiar with the Sports Emporium. As an icing on the cake, the new Sports Emporium website was built using responsive design techniques that allows the site to scale dynamically based on the user's screen size, so mobile users can get in on the fun.

Categories:  Business to ConsumerResponsive