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Design & Development Portfolio:

Bedrock Foundations Scheduling System

  • Custom, purpose-built scheduling system
  • On-going programming to accommodate constant feature additions and adjustments
  • Sales & lead tracking
  • Report generation
  • Interactive calendar


Bedrock Foundations needed a robust, cloud-based scheduling, sales, and lead tracking system that integrated with their internal systems. The amount of specific, customized functionality called for a purpose built system created to meet their needs.


Sharp Innovations produced a new CMS from the ground up to accommodate the vast range of functions the client needed. This included a thorough lead generation system that allows the Bedrock team to log potential sales opportunities, add notes, view the progress on other leads, and track other information. A scheduling system was also created that utilizes a slot system to book jobs as time in predefined segments and allows for viewing of every team member's schedules at any given time while also providing details about each job such as location, status, material needs, and so on. Finally, a reporting utility was made that can be customized to export whatever data the client requires, including an export that integrates with the popular QuickBooks system.