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Design & Development Portfolio:

Arise Rwanda Ministries

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • News ticker integration


Providing water, education and micro-finance opportunities are the keystone of John Gasangwa's Arise Rwanda Ministries. An impactful, professional online presence was needed to communicate the work the organization is doing and encourage people to take action.


A Rwandan born in a refugee camp, John Gasangwa has a unique, first-hand understanding of the lives, needs and dreams of the 11 million people of Rwanda. Witnessing the horrors of famine, rape, murder and cruelty in his youth, John made a pact with God that he would spend his life serving the world's poor. Through a member of the Arise Rwanda board of trustees, Sharp Innovations was brought in to craft a website that conveyed the unique vision of Arise Rwanda, and its visionary founder. Through the use of traditional Rwandan colors, dramatic photography of the Rwandan people and detailed information about the ministry, a news ticker to communicate recent events and various pathways to get involved, the new website serves as a solid foundation from which John and the team can spread the message and build support.

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