Management Team

Joe Sharp - Chief Executive Officer/President

Joe Sharp

Chief Executive Officer/President

Joseph Sharp founded Sharp Innovations, Inc. in 1999 with a desire to avoid simply doing "business as usual" in the burgeoning field of Internet marketing. His desire inspired him to pioneer the creation of a comprehensive system to guide clients through the seemingly complex stages of website development. That original system launched hundreds of successful websites over more than a decade. It has since evolved into an even more streamlined and efficient process that remains the most valuable asset to Sharp Innovations individuality in today's industry.

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Bob McMullen - VP, Development and Technology

Bob McMullen

VP, Development and Technology

An original team member of Sharp Innovations, Bob McMullen has seen it all. Bob rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Development and Technology. He has worked with all types of clients, been a hands-on developer for projects of various sizes, and is skilled in diagnosing solutions to any problem.

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Peter Stevenson - VP, Creative & Usability

Peter Stevenson

VP, Creative & Usability

Peter Stevenson is the rare combination of a person who's not only driven, but passionate for all the right reasons. He has said, "I love the idea that the project I'm working on could have a positive effect on someone's life."

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Internet Marketing Team

Sharp Innovations SEO/Internet Marketing Team

The value of search engine optimization and social media can't be overstated for modern businesses and public organizations who seek to stay engaged with their customers and drive traffic. It’s for this reason we have a dedicated team of specialists who provide in-depth keyword analysis, content creation, on-page optimization, off-page oversight, pay-per-click management and social media and blogging services-all under one roof.